Niceday Elliptical Machine: Your path to exceptional fitness

Experience an exceptional and interactive personal training experience with Niceday elliptical, your ideal fitness solution. Take a look at our wide range of high quality, low-load elliptical trainers that are perfect for your fitness level, space and budget.

Best Niceday Elliptical Machines

Niceday Smart Elliptical CT11

A smart elliptical trainer, the CT11 offers effective workouts with modern features for tracking and convenience.

Niceday Classic Elliptical CT11S

The CT11S is a traditional elliptical trainer, providing a classic workout experience with essential functionality.

Niceday Smart Elliptical CT11PRO

An advanced elliptical trainer, the CT11PRO offers smart features and high-level performance for fitness enthusiasts.

Niceday Under Desk Elliptical

A compact under-desk elliptical designed for discreet, low-impact workouts while working or studying.

Niceday Steppers for Exercise

Steppers designed for effective and convenient exercise, promoting cardiovascular health and fitness in a compact form.

We believe in prioritizing your health and wellness, so we’ve created the best elliptical trainers on the market that will give you everything you need to reach your goals. Niceday products completely redefine the elliptical trainer by offering you the motion of three machines in one: a treadmill, stepper, and traditional elliptical trainer. Our front- and rear-wheel drive series elliptical trainers give you all the benefits of a low-impact elliptical trainer, plus the interactive experience of a personalized workout.

Why I should Use Niceday Elliptical?


Niceday Ellipticals offer exceptional value with competitive pricing, making high-quality fitness equipment accessible to a wide range of individuals, aligning affordability with excellence in performance.

Premium Quality

Our ellipticals are built with a commitment to excellence, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. Niceday's dedication to quality guarantees a reliable and effective fitness experience for our customers.

Technological Edge

Niceday stand out with cutting-edge technology, providing advanced features for an immersive and effective workout experience. Stay at the forefront of fitness technology with our innovative elliptical solutions.

Top-Notch Materials

Crafted with precision and using premium materials, Niceday Elliptical guarantee superior durability. Our commitment to quality assembly ensures a reliable, stable, and safe exercise platform for users to achieve their fitness goals.

Features Using Niceday Elliptical Machine

Precision in Data Tracking:
Our digital monitor precisely displays TIME, SPEED, DISTANCE, CALORIES, and PULSE, offering accurate metrics for your workout plan.

Enhanced Magnetic Resistance:
With 16 resistance levels—double that of standard products—our elliptical accommodates users in various fitness stages. Ideal for body shaping or enhancing cardiopulmonary vitality.

Robust Weight Capacity:
Featuring an 85CM extra-thicken commercial steel base tube and 155 inches anti-slip pedals, our elliptical boasts a 400LBS weight limit, ensuring stability and eliminating wobbling during exercise.

Swift Assembly:
Arriving 90% pre-built, our elliptical can be fully assembled within half an hour, ensuring a quick start to your fitness journey.

Stellar Stability:
Stabilizers on the rear base tube offer additional support on uneven surfaces, enabling elliptical exercises in any setting.

Effortless Mobility:
Equipped with transportation wheels, moving this substantial elliptical becomes a hassle-free task.

When to use Niceday Machine?

Too Lazy to Leave the House: When the idea of leaving the house feels like a challenge, our simulator brings the gym experience to your doorstep.

Bad Weather Woes: Don’t let unpredictable weather hinder your fitness journey. When rain or snow keeps you indoors, our simulator ensures you still enjoy an effective workout.

Escape Traffic Jams: Say goodbye to stressful commutes. Utilize our simulator to sidestep traffic, making your exercise routine a seamless part of your daily schedule.

Battle Boredom at Home: Banish boredom with engaging workouts. When the walls of your home seem to close in, our simulator offers a dynamic and entertaining way to break the monotony.

Keep Fit on Your Terms: When the desire to stay fit strikes, there’s no need to wait. Our simulator allows you to prioritize fitness whenever you’re motivated, keeping your health goals within reach.

About Niceday Elliptical

Niceday is a leading manufacturer specializing in Mid and High-End home fitness equipment, driven by a pursuit of excellence in quality and user experience.

Our sincere aspiration is to infuse genuine happiness into the lives of our customers, enhancing their overall well-being.

In terms of Manufacturing Strength, our legacy spans over 30 years of supplying renowned American brands. The synergy of our technology and competency is evident, supported by a robust R&D, production, and inspection team ensuring the highest standards in our products.

Niceday’s inception revolves around a powerful notion: empowering individuals to prioritize their health within the sanctuary of their homes.

Niceday Elliptical is not just about exercise equipment; it’s a testament to the belief that fitness is a journey, and that journey should be both accessible and rewarding. Welcome to Niceday, where your path to fitness begins at home.